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Flashpro for Canadian R18's ECU Compatability

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Hello Guys,

As per suggestion by Reximus, I am going to try to start a thread where people who have successfully had a USD ECU installed into their CAD R18 Civic will post the year of their car, old (CAD) ECU # (If you know it) and new (USD) ECU #. Also if you had to purchase anything extra to make the swap work please feel free to post that as well.

Note: According to Hondata, "With early vehicles the gauge control module (tachometer) must be replaced in order to reprogram the immobilizer. See Honda TSB 06-011 and TSB 06-008. There is a VIN number range this applies to (early 06 vehicles)."

Hopefully this will take a lot of the thread jumping and guess work that goes on with purchasing the appropriate ECU! :dancing:

Jfigs11: 2007 MT DX-G, Coupe
Previous ECU: RNA-C07

Reximus: 2009 Manual DX-G Sedan
RNA-A14 did NOT work for me, dealership could not program.

Banach: 2008 Honda Civic DX-G

Coffeecat: 2009 Honda Civic DX

Sleepy: 2006 Ex Coupe
Old ECU: RNA-C54
Had to replace gauge cluster, rewritable gauge cluster part # is 78200-SVA-C02
"do not buy a used cluster as they are not rewritable"

Lucasbutts: 2010 MT DX-G Sedan
old ECU #RNA - C43
new USDM ECU #RNA - A13
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Updated with the new info, Thanks Reximus!
Ah goodluck bud! :thumbsup:
2006 Ex Coupe

Had to have gauge cluster replaced,not immoblizer as one dealer tried to get me to buy one. You do not need to buy one. As well do not buy a used cluster as they are not rewritable. I am going to call the dealership to get the part number of the rewritable cluster.

The Vin on the american ECU was (1HGFA16507L001773).
Hey sleepy thanks for the input, what was the ECU# that you swapped in?
Ah perfect the list is growing!! Wish I had this list when I wanted to do the swap hahaha.
Ah I agree with all of you, the money was well spent. I have easily put over 2k into the car but this was the biggest bang for your buck engine mod I've done lol. I think I'm at about $1180 as well.

Also just the piece of mind knowing your engine is running ALOT smoother is always good!

And sleepy that is crazy, the extra amount you had to pay!
Ahh congrats man. Glad to hear another successful CAD R18 swap! :)
Trust me Venneh there is nothing lol. I honestly looked everywhere and really debated getting flashpro. I tried to find another alternative to do close to the same thing but hands down flashpro will be the best bang for your buck mod on your car period. :p
Lucas are you ever going to get your car dyno'd? Could you send me your results if you do? I'm torn in the middle between saving up and going full Turbo setup or just piecing together a high compression N/A setup. If the N/A can pull some decent numbers I would definitely go the same route as you.
ahh yeah because you have a pretty good N/A build, I would probably go the exact same route if I choose N/A. I was aiming at 200hp N/A and If our car could get to that mark I would go N/A.

Full Race has an awsome kit for our cars and so does AJP. The only downside is it is alot of money upfront for F/I. But I could probably do the install myself and save some money.
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