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Flashpro for Canadian R18's ECU Compatability

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Hello Guys,

As per suggestion by Reximus, I am going to try to start a thread where people who have successfully had a USD ECU installed into their CAD R18 Civic will post the year of their car, old (CAD) ECU # (If you know it) and new (USD) ECU #. Also if you had to purchase anything extra to make the swap work please feel free to post that as well.

Note: According to Hondata, "With early vehicles the gauge control module (tachometer) must be replaced in order to reprogram the immobilizer. See Honda TSB 06-011 and TSB 06-008. There is a VIN number range this applies to (early 06 vehicles)."

Hopefully this will take a lot of the thread jumping and guess work that goes on with purchasing the appropriate ECU! :dancing:

Jfigs11: 2007 MT DX-G, Coupe
Previous ECU: RNA-C07

Reximus: 2009 Manual DX-G Sedan
RNA-A14 did NOT work for me, dealership could not program.

Banach: 2008 Honda Civic DX-G

Coffeecat: 2009 Honda Civic DX

Sleepy: 2006 Ex Coupe
Old ECU: RNA-C54
Had to replace gauge cluster, rewritable gauge cluster part # is 78200-SVA-C02
"do not buy a used cluster as they are not rewritable"

Lucasbutts: 2010 MT DX-G Sedan
old ECU #RNA - C43
new USDM ECU #RNA - A13
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2006 Ex Coupe

Had to have gauge cluster replaced,not immoblizer as one dealer tried to get me to buy one. You do not need to buy one. As well do not buy a used cluster as they are not rewritable. I am going to call the dealership to get the part number of the rewritable cluster.

The Vin on the american ECU was (1HGFA16507L001773).
Hey sleepy thanks for the input, what was the ECU# that you swapped in?
I will have to go check the Ecu itself. The rewritable gauge cluster part # is 78200-SVA-C02. I call the parts department where I ordered mine and got the info this morning.

ECU Part # 37820-RNA-A63 There was a second number not sure what it is for but this is it. 4750-105943
I will try to find my old ECU# in the pile of stock parts I have collected and post up that number.

ooo I found it behind my desk at work.....lol

Old ECU# 37820-RNA-C54
I think if i knew I would have to spend so much cash on this mod I would probably not have done it. I didnt know about the issues with the 06 model until Honda tried to install the us ecu.

I am so glad I did go through with it though cause I love the difference on how my car drives now.
My cost.....:facepalm:

160 usd for Ecu
180 for install and programming of new Ecu to new gauge cluster
450 cad for guage cluster
630 for flashpro
200 for net book...
100 bucks traveling expences going across border to get ECU

1720 all said and done....

it was worth it.
Ah I agree with all of you, the money was well spent. I have easily put over 2k into the car but this was the biggest bang for your buck engine mod I've done lol. I think I'm at about $1180 as well.

Also just the piece of mind knowing your engine is running ALOT smoother is always good!

And sleepy that is crazy, the extra amount you had to pay!
yeah i know, i was already half way when the flash pro arrived at my door, there was no way at that point i was going to return it. I have dumped alot of cash into my car, in the last 6 years of owning her and i have enjoyed doing so. I try to never do things half ass.....

Figured i would post up to help people out instead of going through trial and error like i did.

this is my gurl
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thanks, she is my pride and joy next to my dog Jack.
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