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Hello to anyone seeing this, I am very new to posting here but a long time lurker.

Long story short I'm ready to commit to some 18x8.5 +30 wheels. I've looked through some threads from years ago and there was no real conclusion on how they would fit.
The car is a coupe, I'm lowered on coilovers and I have adjustable rear camber arms and camber bolts for the fronts. I'd like to be quite low but not slammed. My fenders are not yet rolled but I'll gladly do it if it means minimal rubbing. I like the stretched look but I have no preference on tire size as long as it fits.
How will these fit? and what fender mods are required? Pics of anyone with this setup?

Sorry for a possibly redundant thread, but I need more info before I drop $1k on wheels...

If this is the wrong page for this I'm sorry!

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