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Actually I went to the track before but I only got one run in and it started to rain. The whole night I was just experimenting trying to get my launch down, but I still need a lot of practice. Most of my runs I either spun too much or left my VSA on.:redface: I think I need new tires or the track was a little slippery because I chirped 4th gear every run. And I get crazy wheel hop on my 1-2 shift.

TW FA5-Injen CAI, Random Tech cat, Apexi WS2, Hondata reflash, Bf Goodrich g-Force Sport, no spare. Front tire pressure at 25psi, Rear tire pressure at 38psi.

First run-I bogged my launch.
1/8 mile-9.804 @ 75.619mph
1/4 mile-14.983 @ 96.382mph

Second run-Accidently left my VSA on.
1/8 mile-9.875 @ 75.229mph
1/4 mile-15.070 @ 95.809mph

Third run-Spun waaaaaaay too much.
1/8 mile-10.927 @ 73.643mph
1/4 mile-16.453 @ 80.819mph

Fourth run-Spun a little too much.
1/8 mile-9.887 @ 75.088mph
1/4 mile-15.114 @ 94.309mph

Fifth run-Got a little better launch.
1/8 mile-9.597 @ 75.305mph
1/4 mile-14.816 @ 92.190mph

???? run-Best run of the night. Still a little too much spin.
1/8 mile-9.609 @ 76.084mph
1/4 mile-14.779 @ 94.908

Last run-Worst run of the night. Spun too much on launch, missed 2nd gear, gave up.
1/8 mile-12.214 @ 57.464mph
1/4 mile-19.287 @ 64.474mph

I've learned a lot from this night...launching is way harder than it looks, the track is a lot different from the streets, wipe my hands on my pants before I line up, lower tire pressure a little bit more, bring a snack and a bottle of water, and I need motor mounts. Comments or advice are encouraged.

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Haha Anubis and I go to the same track. I can verify that it blows. The only cars that seem to do well are AWD. Dinwiddie is going to be open for two track days in December. I am hoping to have my Turbo-Mafia exhaust by then and my V2 intake from X and my cams installed. Just waiting on X and T-M for parts. My best time is like a 14.7 with Stock Exhaust, DCRH, Injen CAI and reflash. I am willing to guarantee with my current set up I could hit low 14's at another track. Richmond Dragway does absolutely no track prep.

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I was thinking about getting the torque dampener but idk...motor mounts sound better...but I know I should easily be able to run 14.6 but I just need to get my launch down.
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