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I just got back from etown tonight, and my 60ft all the way up to the 1/8th mile point I am close to all these 14 second runs. Am I doing something wrong on the 2-3 shift? Here is a slip of my best run, maybe someone can shed some light on the subject. My car is bone stock, spare tire in, tire pressure normal, nothing crazy at all.

Bounced the tach off the 5500 limiter and slipped the clutch the best I could without spinning the tires. All the figures are in line with the mid-14 second runs I see here, EXCEPT the end result, which is somewhat embarrassing.

RT .597
60' 2.332
330 6.366
1/8 9.761
MPH 43.96 <-- this is wrong obviously, my side's radar must've been messed up,
1000 12.631
1/4 15.060
MPH 93.05

Considering it was 38 degrees and damp outside, a 2.332 60ft isn't the worst in the world, and I have never launched this car since I bought it until tonight.
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