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Finally available! 8thgen Sedan DRL overlays by GRFXP!

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Here they are guys and gals... sorry for the long wait!

GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

...And here's some other new stuff while we're at it!

Sinister Steel fatboy shift knob finish!

Roswell Grey Fatboy shift knob finish

Some other stuff coming soon (8thgen Fuel Rail covers by GRFXP).

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How about some side mirror overlays for the sedan?
We have them... send us an email!
would love to see some pics of these installed!
lets see some pics of these installed, tag us on IG too! @GRFXP
lets see some more pics of these installed, tag us on IG @GRFXP and we'll share your pic!
see more pics of these using #grfxp on Instagram, or check them out at GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...
Is there any pictures of Amber DRL overlays? Possibly with Amber foglights? :) Don't have instagram.
while the blue mirror overlays look cool they make your mirrors virtually unusable and the yellow foglight overlays have a burnt black spot after a few months. maybe the DRL overlays would be better.
^ as described, the blue mirror overlays are for show/offroad use only. While you still can see they do blur the reflection. Foglight overlays would only burn if you are using over wattage bulbs.
^ believe it or not, those aren't our overlays for the fogs, just the DRL's... but like anything, they can burn if you use over wattage bulbs, and leave them on stationary for too long...

here's another pic of DRL's on a coupe:

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these look stunning in colors you may not normally choose!

get yours at www.grfxp.com
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21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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