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So, i have these mudguards that have been owned, destroyed, demolished, whatever you will, because im sitting kinda low. But no worries! its only the front ones. The passenger side guard has been cracked and scraped from speed bumps (shown in pic). The drivers guard was cracked and scraped as well until i took a turn at 110 on the freeway while switching lanes and i guess the body roll caused it to catch onto the lane divider thingys and it kinda ripped the bottom off. haha... anyways, the rear guards are brand new but sadly the front ones are kinda effed. so, without further ado, 35 shipped for all 4 including hardware. :)

haha...the half guard.

scraped and cracked.

I bought this car cover about 3 months ago and used it when ever i parked my car in the garage for more than a day. it was literally used maybe 3 times since i bought it so its fairly new. 50 shipped.

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