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few pics/ updated car mods

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Sup 8thcivic brothers and sisters! ive added a few goodies to my car and im in love with it all over again!
all work done by k20z3allmotor :dance:
current set up~
Full race 3" exhaust
skunk2 alpha header
rdx fuel injectors
RRC intake manifold
J37 throttle body w/BIG BORE tb adapter/spacer
KZ 3.5" CAI
IPS K2 Cams w/ eibach VT
RSX type S oil pump
Civic Type R final drive
integra Type R 4th and 5th

its going to be tuned By Vit in a few days ill have Edyno up soon~

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What is the latest on ur car? I have IPS K2 cams just waiting on getting a ported RBC and hopefully get everything installed.
Well ive finally started driving my car again, few months back I ****** my shoulder and wrist up (right side) skateboarding so i couldnt shift lol. Work was sketchy too didnt know if id get laid off due to our company being bought out and me being disabled. So my car rotted in the driveway becoming a spider hotel for a while. Then it freaking starting raining for a long time after I could drive my car again. I had a injen cai intake b4 the kz 3.5 and had a huge hole in my wheel well from it, so water would surely get into my new intake when it was raining. Now im good weathers great and vits sending tunes again we did 1 edyo and I made 207whp uphill with a full tank of gas lol I didnt know better :( but we are pretty deep into the tune now and we're gunna do a log soon so I can put this setup to rest and venture into the f/i game
bought a house
had another kid
car sat in garage for months, dead oddysee battery lol. bought new braile batt and shes up and running again .shes my beer getter atm gunna contact vit and try to get a edyno in as a lot of parts are for sale now header, cams, ect wanna get an idead of what the car is making.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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