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Fd2 steering wheel???!!!!

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I haven't seen anyone as far as my search had returned that has a jdm one. Just ordered mine. Should be here I'm thinking in a couple of weeks. Will update as soon as I get more info.


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Our OEM Airbag wont fit, as stated above. Hopefully you find a way to put a stock airbag. In for OP STATUS UPDATES.
thoughtyou guys use the same steering wheel as the fd2s

i bought my fd2R steering wheel no airbag for 100$ AUD
used my existing airbag


Right hand drive car??
Yep, I live in AUS....
our cars :usa: use different airbags, then right hand drive cars. :facepalm: It sucks for us.
Ok, RHD wheeels will work on our cars. HOWEVER USDM SPEC airbags wont transfer over to RHD oem wheeels or the J's racing. YES, There are a few members on here with J's Racing wheels. They are using Rhd airbags.
Vendors stop selling J's racing wheels to the USD market because of this. Now i know you guys are ll thinking HEY HIPHOPSI I CAN STILL FIND THE WHEELS FOR SALE AND SHIPPED TO ME NO PROBLEM. well read the fine print it says that the USDM airbag wont fit.

Now someone mention something about the Fit airbag fitting. That sound good great, but has it been CONFIRMED? NO, IT HAS NOT. Now im not saying it wont fit. Believe me if it fits ill send $500 right now for a J's Racing Wheel.

Now im hoping OP will find a way to make it fit. A lot of people on 8th since 2005 have been too scared to try to make things work. If it is not a direct bolt on they dont try it. I doubt many J's racing vendorS even tried to make it fit. They just took the word of buyers complaining and asking for there money back.
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