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Fd2 steering wheel???!!!!

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I haven't seen anyone as far as my search had returned that has a jdm one. Just ordered mine. Should be here I'm thinking in a couple of weeks. Will update as soon as I get more info.


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Also I'm not sure about getting the air bag. 500 plus so...
Wow you spent 450 dollars on a steering wheel with no airbag? Wow another 500 to make it complete. So roughy 1k for just a steering wheel. I have to see this
well honestly my steering wheel is poo. I needed a new one anyway. the replacement was 240 for the grip. so all in I only paid about 100 more than I would have. came across this and said why not. also from what ive gathered is its a pain to ship the whole airbag since I may as well be a bomb. so im trying to source the cover instead lol
Again that's crazy money for a wheel and no power gains. Can you post a pic of this wheel so I can see a finished product I only have seen the j racing wheel and that has yellow stitching if I'm not mistaken I know they did make a red stitched one. Could, you have not just shipped your wheel to redlinegoods in Poland and got exactly the type of desired wheel for less then 400
im foolish as hell lol plus I haven't seen anyone else with it. like I said above I need a new one anyway so why not indulge a little. the same parts from bkhonda end up being 385.5 not including shipping plus the shipping to redlinegoods plus the parts and install fees
What do u mean you ordered a trim to replace what?
I think he means hes replacing the all black trim with the j's racing carbon one
Idk about the fd2 wheel but I know j's racing wheel is 350mm.OP are you still trying to do the fd2 steering wheel swap?Its a pretty easy swap...getting the j spec airbag module is the hardest part.
yes sir. just purchased those parts a few days ago. have you done it? and yes I know. im looking into a few vendors now to get it sourced
thanks to your build thread I just answered my question lol. what luck you are in or from Houston also and AND have gotten them twice
just got an email today from rhdjapan. parts are back ordered until july. im not waiting that long so I cancelled the order. looking at other options as to get a complete jdm wheel
emailed japanparts but I need the part numbers for them to order for every piece :(
1 - 11 of 60 Posts
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