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Autocross @ Candle Stick Park

Typical Borrego Beige Metallic LX on steelies and no tints etc..

Sitting on Evo 8 Enkeis, Tints 20% rear 35% fronts, Si Axle Back

New Wheels: Evo 9 Enkeis

New Paint Job: Pearl White w/ Blue pearl (Sorry iphone camera sucks, couldn't capture the blue pearl =[ it looks better in person)

Installed si spoiler courtesy of Brian

Installed my subs and amp

Fogs installed and 09-10 headlights with the orange corner gone =]
Painted Chrome grill black

JDM badges to complete the look

Painted brake calipers blue

Painted the middle of the front bottom lip of the bumper black

Some changes

Added Skunk 2 coils with Koni Yellow Shocks. Fujita SRI custom Intake, Custom axle back exhaust, blue steering wheel emblem...and more...

Car is NOT slammed to the ground because I daily drive my car and there's too many potholes and cracked roads where I live. The roads are S*** and my car would get too messed up to go lower. Ride comfort.


Here is the car at current form

Update as of 5/16/11

More updates...couldn't resist the temptation



and one more updated pic...lowered a tad more

UPDATE: AS OF 10/17/11

GOLD Enkei RPF1's 17x8 +45
Falken Ziez 512 215/451/7
Mugen Style Window Visors
Fogs are working again!

update as of today: 9/3/12

And my other civic that I have been working on..

Update as of 8/10/13-->Quick Photoshoot


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That is definitely a transformation. Gold on white looks great. Get some good pics to really show that paint.

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how do the back wheels look with the drums? i have an lx myself and was curious about evo 8s or something similar
they look fine to me. Evo 8's was my first set of wheels as you can see from when i had first got the car, they were pretty good =]

As for good pics to show that paint, i'm trying but haven't been successful =[
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