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UPDATE!!!! 4/4/2009

Ok guys here's the deal were going to meet up at TGIF around 3:45 to eat and chill probably watch the movie around 6:45 or earlier depending on the census. Car with best detail will win a paid ticket by ThangsMugen still. Heres my number for any questions or concerns
1 (714) 417-0377

UPDATE!!! 4/2/2009

Alright here are the times for Saturday 4-4-209 F&F Rice Meet!
Fast & Furious (PG-13, 99 min.)
10:10am | 10:45am | 11:20am | 11:55am | 12:30pm | 1:05pm | 1:30pm | 2:00pm | 2:35pm | 3:10pm | 3:45pm | 4:15pm | 4:40pm | 5:05pm | 5:40pm | 6:15pm | 6:45pm | 7:20pm | 7:55pm | 8:30pm | 9:05pm | 9:30pm | 10:00pm | 10:35pm | 11:10pm | 11:45pm | 12:10am | 12:30am

I was thinking about the meet to be around 3:45 gives us time to chill or eat before hand. If you guys are still down to make those cardboad parts your welcome too I haven't seen too many post on it anymore so well see whats up I will still pay for the person with the best detail on the boards if you still decide too :thumb: Let me know whats up guys :wavey:

UPDATE!!! 3/27/2009

Update Again :pat: since the Norcal comes to Socal meet was a bust this meet is back on are all of you guys still interested??? I will wait until friday April 3rd to choose the time for the meet most likely like afternoon 2 or 3ish I was thinking any new input would be nice thank you for reading ^_^


Sorry guys I'm going to postpone this meet so that we can chill with the Norcal guys on the 4th. Already mentioned that probably many of you will watch this movie before the meet I will see if anybody is interested still.

Here's the thread links to the other meet.

Hey guys I'm want to see how many guys are down to go watch this movie on Saturday April 4. I was thinking of hosting the meet at the Block AMC 30 in Orange. Sign up if you want to join this riced out meet. I'm gonna make a cardboard body kit and chrome my rims out with tin foil. I'll post up the times of the movie once they come out. :woot:

Fast & Furious Movie Trailer | Fast & Furious Movie Scenes, Videos & Video Clips | In Theaters April 3rd

Too make things interesting the most riced out 8th I'll buy your movie ticket :thumb: :spinning:

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lol wtf, who are these people?? haha potential new socal people?
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