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Falken Tires

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i want to get new tires wen winter time is over. i do alot of canyon runs and i want to know which one is better.

Falken 912's or Falken 512's.

im leaning toward the 912's

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why not get a summer tire? those are all seasons
any1 else have any experience with these tires?
I tried 512, 452, and 615.
I think 912 replaced 512.
It's alright for daily driving I guess. Don't expect them to be as grippy as the others.
i had the falken 912 on my 2005 SRT-4 in a 225 50 17.... they had a smooth/ quiet ride, good traction....

the 512 wears very fast.

if you are looking for a good tire for comfort and some performance, then the 912 is a good tire.

if you are looking for traction and an ok ride for half the price of the factory michellins then id look into the dunlop direzza Z1 super star. they wont last long, but youd probably get the same mileage from 2 sets of dunlops as 1 set of michellins

granted idk if you have an si and is talking bout the 17" factory wheels or if its a reg civic etc...

i work for sears auto center (def not bragging the job sucks, just wanted to identify myself as an experienced person in tires and not somebody guessing), if you have any questions lmk
452's will grip better, 912's will last longer, both are decent tires.
i heard the 615 were a good performacne tire.. this true? i was thinking about buying them this week
i just read u did canyon runs so id go for the dunlop super stars, the 215 45 17 is only 130 or so i think on tire rack
615s are good, but from what i hear the dunlop is better, i will be getting them when my michellins wear out
ive had yokohoma s drives and now im on toyo proxes t1r...

thinkin about falken 615 but doesnt look like you all like them
I own the 912's... they're a pretty good tire for every day driving. They're terrible in the snow though! The snow just gets packed in them and traction is horrible. I don't drive my Si in the winter though so they're okay for me. They do handle pretty well in the rain though. I did want the Nitto Neogen's but they were on backorder... if I could do it all over again I'd prob. wait and try the Neogens.
are the 912's suspose to be better then the 615;s?
nope no where close the 912 is considered and all season performance tire the 615 is a track tire (autocrossing and such anyways)
hows the tread life on the 615's?
thanks for ur help guys!! i really appreciate this!
Aren't Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec's TOO sticky? Isn't one more likely to break an axle when launching with these tires?
never heard of a tire to be too sticky..
I wouldnt recommend Falkens to anyone.

Even their cheap.
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