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I have an 08 LX (all factory), recently noticed feedback noise when the radio is off prior to the next time I start up. When I FIRST power on or start car a low volume buzz/"whisssss" sound is emitted from all speakers (the rears are louder) but when i power on the radio and then turn it off the noise goes away! Brought it to my local dealership and they had no reported issues like this or recalls on the factory deck. So, they pulled around a 09 civic and it had the same noise as my car. Point of the story.
If you have this "noise" issue, there is no fix other than to turn on and then off the radio to stop this noise being emitted.
I'd like to apologize to anyone who didn't notice this issue and now annoyed about as am I. It's one of those things that doesn't bother you until you notice it.
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