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Hey whats up guys here at Ocho!!! :wavey: Its been a while since I posted an update on my car. So here are some new things I added since 7/07 when I dropped the car with Teins and now replaced with Eibach's...

-Eibach Pro-Kit
-HFP Front Lip
-HFP Rear Lip
-Removed Mud Flaps
-Mugen Visors
-Mugen Oil Cap
-Si Decals
-Cobra Radar Detector
-Tanabe Medalion Concept-G Axleback (Freshly Installed!)

This ^^^ exhaust is awesome :vtec: ...I really wanted to go cat-back, but didn't want to spend the extra money to weld the extension, so I bought this instead to complement the rear lip. But one day when I get a S/C, ill upgrade to bigger piping or get higher flow cat-back that will suite the S/C. But for now this is a great exhaust for a daily driver... :thumb: Now on to the pics! :box:

Pics with the Tanabe:

Quick Sound Test Vid of the Exhaust... :popcorn:

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WOW dude that car is hot! those pics from the back that show the checker reflection on your floor are sweet as hell! :eek:mg:
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