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I ordered a 55amp Power Supply last week from an ebay seller for $115 shipped; which is a steal (they have plenty more, too if you want to pick one up).

The plan is to order some 4gauge disconnects and run a power/ground off my car battery to under the front bumper, then have a quick connector on the end of it.
I'll also have a quick connector on another set of power/ground wires that come from the power supply so that when I want to rock out, I won't have to pop the hood; I just connect the wires at the front bumper and then plug the power supply in.
I haven't ordered the connectors yet, but in the meantime I wanted to do a little something to 'fancy' up the power supply.

Figured I'd make a little carrying thing for it since I was kinda bored. Went to Lowe's and picked up some rubber cork stops to use as feet. Also bought some cheap drawer handles to make carrying a bit easier.

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