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I went in this past week for an appointment I had regarding the 4th, reverse gears. Also the rev hang issue that bugs the crap out of me. Took the car in at 9 and picked it up at 3.

Friend of mine works there and I appreciate his help with him knowing that I had bolt-ons and my check engine light on (DCRH).

Results: I drive my car out of the dealership and WOW! I love the way this machine drives now! I launched from the light expecting it not to go into second like always but wrong. I went through the gears with no hassale and bye bye rev hang! What a difference that is to be set free from that lag.

Service guy tells me that I didnt have to pay anything and to come back in the future if any mishaps occur. :thumb:

Now, I need a stiffy to eliminate the nasty wheel hop. :xyxnervou
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