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There was another post on this, then it lost steam as the poster realized that he would loose his third brake light, and then lost interest, etc.

I am considering the same swap, and when I get my mind set to do something, nothing gets in my way.

So at lunch today, I happened to park next to a new EX, and I started looking into this, and here's what I found out by observation and comparison with my Si.

1. Our trunk lid mounts our wing at three (3) points on the top surface.
2. The EX trunk mounts their wing at ? hidden points on the edge surface. It may be attached with simple 3M adhesive tape, not sure. So we would have to cover or paint over three (3) holes, then possibly make some more to mount the new slim wing.
3. Our third brake light is in our wing.
4. The EX third brake light is on the rear deck (speaker area). Also, there is a third speaker space on the EX, and our sub woofer can be placed there (I know someone with an EX who had a factory installed Si subwoofer).

So, in conclusion, this is possible. You would have to order both an EX wing and an EX rear deck lid (plastic rear speaker cover) and swap them out. This would get us the third brake light, and then we would have to adapt our wiring harness (if not directly compatible???) to power the now internal third break light by bringing the wiring thru the rear deck lid under our trunk covers.

If I go forward with this, I will post pics of how it can be done for anyone interested/future refrence.
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