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Well I'll just be basic. I've got a 2006 Ex Sedan suspension here. I had Tein S-Tech lowering springs on the car and then went to si suspension due to the car being to loaded down. Sold the Teins, and now I have this suspension sitting around.

These have about 30k on them. I'm only guessing really cause I bought it in 08 and that's what I've got on the ride. So that's what Iknow.

I'm gonna say $100.00, and buy pays shipping costs.

Next I ahve a Skunk 2 lower arm bar. Decided not to use this. $75.00 shipped.

Last is a whale tail. Pretty self explanitory. Came off of a sedan $30.00 buyer pays shipping because of bulkiness. Prefer local pick up.

on the car

I will only take paypal payments. And once the payment has been made I'll ship the item. Lets get this stuff sold please. I'm open to trades as well.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts