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Lets put together a fitment recipe for the new civic. Ie what sizes, offsets, and tire sizes will work. Basically post what you have that works.
Just like this:

Lets get er done
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________
Heres what we have so far.

16x7 50mm offset 205/55-16 (No drop)
17x7 45mm offset 215/45-17 (Stock Si Fitment)
17x7 40mm offset 215/45-17 (No drop)
17x7 55mm offset 215/45-17 (1.5" Drop)
17x7.5 38mm offset 225/40-17 (1.5" drop)
17x7.5 42mm offset 225/45-17
17x8 45mm offset 235/40-17
17x8 42mm offset 235/40-17 (1.4" drop w/Eibach Sportlines)
17x8 35mm offset 225/45-17
18x8 35mm offset 225/40-18 (HFP Suspension)
18x7.5 38mm offset 215/40/18 (w/ Skunk2 Drop)
18x7.5 40mm offset 225/40-18
18x7 45mm offset 215/40-18 (HFP Wheel Fitment)
18X8.5 45mm offset 235/35-18
18x7.5 50mm offset 215/40-18 (No Drop)
18x7.5 50mm offset 215/40-18 (1.5" drop)
18x7.5 45mm offset 225/40-18 (1.4" drop)
19x7.5 44mm offset (3mm spacers installed {41mm effectively}) 225/35-19 (Lowered 2.25" Tein SS)
19x8 40mm offset 225/35-19 (Dropped on HFP springs .5" drop or Tein SS 2.25" Drop)
20x7.5 45mm offset 225/30-20
20x8.5 35mm offset 225/30-20 (1" drop w/Eibach Prokit)

17x7 35mm offset 215/40-17 (No Drop)
17x7 42mm offset 225/45-17 (lowered on Eibach Pro Kit)
17x7 45mm offset 215/45-17 (Stock Si Fitment)
17x7 55mm offset 205/45-17 (Lowered 2" Neuspeed Springs)
17x7 45mm offset 205/45-17 (Lowered 2" Neuspeed Springs)
17x7.5 45mm offset 215/50-17
17X8 43mm offset 225/45-17 (Lowered on Eibach Pro kit)
18x8 48mm offset 225/40-18
18x8 45mm offset 225/40-18 (lowered on Eibach Pro Kit with Negative rear camber)

Quoted from fijisi06.
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