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Anyone have this setup they can share some pics of? I have the TSX wheels and the 7" wide bothers me as the wheel sits too far inside the wheel well. So I'm looking at the TL stock wheels (I really love the wheels in the pic below but can't find them used for sale) 04-07 that are 8" wide. I just don't know what that will look like on the sedan, how far the wheels will stick out basically. I do not like the type-s style.

Does anyone have some pics they can share aside from the red coupe in the acura wheel thread?

Also, can some break down the following wheels for me with offsets?

SI wheels 17x7 offset=?
EX stock 16x7 offset=?
Steelies 16x7 offset=?
TL wheels 17x8 offset 43mm

What wheels are these? And will they fit on the sedan?

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Lets put together a fitment recipe for the new civic. Ie what sizes, offsets, and tire sizes will work. Basically post what you have that works.
Just like this:

Lets get er done
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________
Heres what we have so far.

16x7 50mm offset 205/55-16 (No drop)
17x7 45mm offset 215/45-17 (Stock Si Fitment)
17x7 40mm offset 215/45-17 (No drop)
17x7 55mm offset 215/45-17 (1.5" Drop)
17x7.5 38mm offset 225/40-17 (1.5" drop)
17x7.5 42mm offset 225/45-17
17x8 45mm offset 235/40-17
17x8 42mm offset 235/40-17 (1.4" drop w/Eibach Sportlines)
17x8 35mm offset 225/45-17
18x8 35mm offset 225/40-18 (HFP Suspension)
18x7.5 38mm offset 215/40/18 (w/ Skunk2 Drop)
18x7.5 40mm offset 225/40-18
18x7 45mm offset 215/40-18 (HFP Wheel Fitment)
18X8.5 45mm offset 235/35-18
18x7.5 50mm offset 215/40-18 (No Drop)
18x7.5 50mm offset 215/40-18 (1.5" drop)
18x7.5 45mm offset 225/40-18 (1.4" drop)
19x7.5 44mm offset (3mm spacers installed {41mm effectively}) 225/35-19 (Lowered 2.25" Tein SS)
19x8 40mm offset 225/35-19 (Dropped on HFP springs .5" drop or Tein SS 2.25" Drop)
20x7.5 45mm offset 225/30-20
20x8.5 35mm offset 225/30-20 (1" drop w/Eibach Prokit)

17x7 35mm offset 215/40-17 (No Drop)
17x7 42mm offset 225/45-17 (lowered on Eibach Pro Kit)
17x7 45mm offset 215/45-17 (Stock Si Fitment)
17x7 55mm offset 205/45-17 (Lowered 2" Neuspeed Springs)
17x7 45mm offset 205/45-17 (Lowered 2" Neuspeed Springs)
17x7.5 45mm offset 215/50-17
17X8 43mm offset 225/45-17 (Lowered on Eibach Pro kit)
18x8 48mm offset 225/40-18
18x8 45mm offset 225/40-18 (lowered on Eibach Pro Kit with Negative rear camber)

Quoted from fijisi06.
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