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I've noticed some things on my LX that came on the EX Sedans (and Hybrid) and I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get prices and order parts yet (or, if someone wants to dump them from their EX, I'd be game :) )

Specifically, I'm interested in the following:

  • under hood "mat"
  • trunklid "mat"
  • trunklid hinge covers
  • driver's side under-dash cover (there is a lower cover and an under dash cover on the EX, LX gets by with just the lower cover)
  • Hybrid trunklid spoiler (I like its simplicity over the HFP lip spoiler)

I checked on College Hills and Hondaautomotiveparts and SLhondaparts but no one has the 2006 parts catalogs yet. Anyone got an idea on these part prices? Can anyone think of any other parts on the EX that are not on the LX? (I know there is one part that is an extra cover on the inside rear wheel well that the EX has, but since I'm getting mud flaps, I don't care for it - it comes off when you put on the mud flaps).

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selling wheels and rubber

I have a set of the EX 16" alloy rims I'll probably be replacing if anyone is interested.

Retail for the wheel is $219 each.
Colonial sells them for $166 each.
I'll sell mine for $500 for the 4 of them, that's $125 each including the rubber
Just under 2000 miles, no abuse.
I'm in west Los Angeles
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