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Engine Noise, please help

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Hi guys, I have a 2008 si, it's got some engine noise. Can you guys identify what kind of noise it is?

Here's the characteristic.
More significant when cold
- even thought engine oil is warmed (read from the guage), I'll still have that noise
- If I drive hard for a minute or so, the noise is reduced substantially, or disappear

Only when engine is under load
- around 2000 rpm, when I try to accelerate

Sounds like something "ticking"
- ticking sound, but really fast paced.
- So fast that it almost sounds like a constant sound.

I put in 91 octane in the si (91octance is the highest there is in Calif)

If anyone knows what kind of sound/noise it is, and what's causing it, please reply and let me know.

thank you very much
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I see that noise as something abnormal, because my friend's 09 civic doesn't have it.

That makes me tend to think that it's not the injector.
It's different form the tick I hear at idle.

The sounds I'm talking about is more like.. a disel engine. But I doubt if it's knocking ,because my mpg seems normal.
At dealer, "cannot reproduce problem"

I'm trying to characterize to see when and where the sound will be made.
so I can reproduce the problem to the dealer and ave them fix whatever it is.

Last time I went to the dealer about this, the tech came to a test drive with me, and he mentioned about some cars have exhaust leakage, which makes some funny noise.

But my car wasn't making that noise during the test drive, so I left the dealership looking like an idiot...

Jonas, how does your noise sound like?
i'm in norcal bay area.

Anyone around this area?

Thank dude, I think I'm going to try out dealership one more time, since it's 5 min away from my home. Hopefully I can get the noise again.
I'm pretty confident that the noise is there, because I hear it everyday when I drive to work.

Try driving near a curb or something. It reflects the sound back up. The "light knocking" or "ticking" sound is a lot louder.
The intake and exhaust sound sometimes gets pretty loud and it mask the noise that we are looking for. Try it when yr engine is JUST warmed up.. the noise is loudest at that time. (at least for me)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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