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Hey guys, I've read the forum since I got my car a couple years ago but haven't posted before. I spent some time searching the internet and on here but haven't found anything similar to what I'm experiencing and I thought I'd ask for some advice on things here.

Anyways, I have a 07 SI Sedan with around 165k miles and believe I have a faulty ground or some other common electrical issue with them all. I haven't dug into it much as a whole but did look at some of the issues individually.

But the issues started earlier this year when my AC was acting funky. It would go on and off with no real rhyme or reason. I would monitor things like outside temps to see if maybe after a certain temperature it would stop working but it would just come an go randomly crushing any variables I thought I had. I changed the relay and made sure the refrigerant wasn't low but the issues still persisted.

Next my front speakers (door and dash) all started with a little static and then over about 2-3 days started crackling/popping loudly no matter the volume on the radio and even with the radio off. At one point I was sitting in the car with the car off and door closed and could still hear a slight static noise from the one in the dash on the passenger side and then they stopped working. I didn't look into this much because I wasn't sure if it was the factory amp or something else and was fine just using the rear speakers even though it didn't sound as good. I also wondered if there was another electrical ground issue or something due to the static.

Then one day I noticed some of the lights on the dash controls were dark (the controls below the radio that control which vents the air blow through, temp control, etc) and I tapped the console where they were and some of the lights that were off came on and some that were on turned off. This made me consider the issue being electrical and affecting my AC and speakers as well.

Yesterday, I was driving and pulled into a parking lot and some older guy said "hey, your rear brake lights are out but your third brake light is working" and when I got home I looked and sure enough it was doing that. They were working previously but stopped and it isn't the bulbs. When I was troubleshooting and I'd hit the brake the front parking lights/turn signals would light up and the radio back light would dim and the third brake light would light up. All of the other lights do what they're supposed to (signals, headlights, hazards, etc) but the brakes don't light at all.

So any advice on grounds, fuses, etc to check? I figure I could start with grounds but I don't know where all of them would be. I wonder if the ground could be something all the interior components connect to since the brake switch, radio/ac controls, lights, etc would all tie into that location. I did read about the ELD causing some strange issues but I'm not sure if that's the case. I didn't get my charging system checked at all but the battery is a few years old and I'm not sure on the alternator. I figure if a fuse went out that it could be for the brakes but with the other things that happened when I pressed the brake I didn't think that was the case. I hope to have the issue resolved over the weekend but who knows at this point.
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