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What are you HO on the two. Does the HFP have less of a drop than the pro-kit? I don't wanna slam. I just want to lower it to take up that gap and firm of the turns.

So, I'm basically asking if some of you can post your HFP cars and your Pro-kit cars. I'd like to put 18 or 19's on as wide as I can go, might need spacers I think to fill out the outter fender lip.

So, just if you can help me, I'd appreciate it. I'll help you with any detailing questions. I have an idea for those of you without fog lights. so send in them opinions and I'll tell you my idea.

thanks 8th geners

"Hey pal, you might have 8 under that hood but I can get your Ho with my Fo ha haaaaaa":vtec::clapping::eek:hsnap:
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