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any autoxers using Eibach Pro-Kit springs?
If so, what's your opinion in track and street use?
All the info I can find is from the "I wanna dump my ride" and "what will my drop look like" type threads that focus on aesthetics.
I'm considering using Koni Yellows with this spring. I no longer campaign, but am a regular at track days, so staying within a class is not a concern.
Any other spring/damper recommendations from autoxers would be appreciated.

08 Si coupe w/ stock suspension
17x7.5 Konig Daylites w/ Pirelli PZero Nero 215/45/17
16x8 Enkei RPF1 w/ Kumho V710 225/50/16
17x7.5 Stock
-1deg front & rear -(needs some tweaking, I know)
Neuspeed SS
Corsport shifter bushing
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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