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I just hate stupid coments that are false. People need to grow a brain and stop speaking out of thier ass. :laughing:
Facts taken and defended as "opinions" are like assholes and everyone has their own version. I just tell people the truth and they either get pissed off that they are wrong and accept it or they understand.

I admitt when im wrong, but while all the guys that can't tell me the differnce between SOHC and DOHC were busy talking **** about how the GTR through magical pixy Japan technology could make 480hp weigh 3800lbs+ with passenger and accelerate fast...I raise the question! how?
I say now lets wait and see...suddenly I find dyno numbers and it turns out the GTR imakes 470AWHP which means its not 480 crank hp!!
OH noes!

now I hate the GTR for stating that... come on =/.
Im not even going to show you footage of it being made that I have :p...because Im not a fan now according to you!

I have nothing against imports as I have owned three and have one currently that Im in love with of course an average idiot will say its a domestic! But to say its the best car in the world.. Im sorry its far from it. Maybe I enjoy crushing peoples dreams or maybe I like to make them wake up, smell the coffee...grow a brain and analyze things fully.

Oh and yes I like DOMESTIC cars! I like all cars... If your a Japan fanboi bent on explaining to me how the GTR has magical pixy technology sinc eyou dont know what your talking about...Im going to shoot you down, Kingmarine is going to eat you alive, MBK is going to grind your bones, Atruhonda girl is going to smack ya, and thats how it is.
umm i think domestic cars are crap <--- opinion (please respect it)
Euro FTW!
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