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I installed the dual horn kit from CHH and a PnP HID kit at the same time.
It was an ebay kit for $60. I looked at the "Xentech" kits that were going for $80 or so and took a gamble on the even more generic looking listing for $60. Turns out what I got was a "xentech" kit. (it got here really fast as well.)
Install went with no issues and they seem to work well.
I had to go back and re-seat one bulb because the light pattern was really bad but its better now.
here are the pics;
(I adjusted the shutter speed on my camera to make them appear darker than they really are.)

short shutter

a bit longer

brights on

no brights

Now the question will be how long will they last? the have an alleged 2yr warranty.
I will let you know.
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