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***Updates on every page***

work in progress
Oh yeah its a base auto

Current mod's
[STRIKE]Mugen Front[/STRIKE] 05-06 C-West N1 II
Aspec sides
[STRIKE]Roja Rear[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]Molded Mugen lip with flat black diffuser[/STRIKE] 05-06 rear conversion
mugen CF license plate cover with Mugen Bolts
Type R Wing
JDM Window Visors
[STRIKE]Black Depo headlights[/STRIKE]
10K HID's
[STRIKE]Stockies with H Caps[/STRIKE] Emotion CR-Kai 17x8 +42

Mugen Rear Strut Bar
custom sub boxes and false floor
Black interior swap
Type-R Shift Boot
WINK mirror

Under the hood
Mugen Air box
Mugen Radiator Cap
Mugen Socks
Mugen Oil cap
JDM Valve cover
JDM dip stick
Toda Header
Fujitsubo Power Getter exhaust
Innovative Engine Mount

Buddy club n+'s
Mugen Front Strut Bar
Mugen Rear Strut Bar

Whats comming
Tien hood damper
[STRIKE]Greddy sp2 or powergetter[/STRIKE] (4/11/2010)
[STRIKE]mf10's or Volk ce28 or Mugen GP[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Suspension?? not sure which way i wanna go[/STRIKE]
Front Black Recaros
[STRIKE]05-06 front end coversion[/STRIKE]

The day i bought her 5/3/2009

New Set up


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very tastefully done!! Props!

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very tastefully done!! Props!
love the rsx
Thanks guys shes almost done then on to the next project

Love what you have done so far. It needs a drop so bad!
Yeah its next im getting some buddy club n+'s

nice dc5 bro your mods were legit!! its auto right? lol at second pic, looks like its in 3rd :nerd:
for sure an auto.... look at the pedals.

oh and at the top of the page it says its a base auto lol
lol yeah i love the auto shift boot dyi but i love it becayse when i want theres a button you can press once the key is out to put it in N
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