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Drivers door handle sticking

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My 08 civic lx has has started to feel like the drivers door outside latch sticks. I have also noticed the drivers door balloons out inside when you roll the window all the way up. This isnt normal compared to the pasenger door. it doesnt do that! One other thing i noticed is my valet key will not unlock the drivers door either. The only thing i can figure is ,i took the car in to the dealership when it was a month old and had them adjust the drivers door ,because the door was rasied up at the back. Drivers window trim didnt line up properly with rear window door trim. do you think this may be a cause for the other problems? I guess i will take my car back to the dealership next week on my day off.
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I would just tak it back to the dealer like you said. I had a 06 ex coupe and I was having the same problem with the drivers door handle sticking and I had to take it back to the dealer twice befor I tradded it in for a 08 si.
Good luck with the dealer.:thumb:
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