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Pictures: http://www.takeit2thetrack.ca/forums/showthread.php?p=1234#post1234

i just got back from an insane day at downsview.

It was a great day.

Lots of excitement. For those who wern't there or missed certain parts.
I captured over 1000 photo's, and over 100 video's of drifting action!

I'll get started on uploading DAY 1's media today.

There were a few small crashes, a few fender benders.
sadly a few people from son240sx were elminated from the amature competition as well.

Over all it was an amazing day, talked to some fimiliar faces, got to see some new cars in action, etc.
I cant wait for day2.

JDM imports was doing it big with there vendor stand and girls.
Bings.ca had an awesome set up right near all the action so you didnt have to miss a thing.
s1dc was also involved in the amature drift competition, lots of photos and videos of them will be posted as well.
tons of volunteers that helped kendrick out that were doing an overall awesome job.

Stay tuned with takeit2thetrack.ca media section for all images / videos.

now, the rest of my night will be uploading :S
ill post updates as I go with samples and teasers.

http://www.takeit2thetrack.ca/forums/showthread.php?p=1234#post1234 - PICTURES OF YOUR CARS

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there was a SKYLINE R34 DRIFTING!!!!!... i swear i creamed my pants when i saw it, also there was a 350z with a V8 engine swap and GOD DAM IT WAS LOUD!!!
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