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Figured it start my own build thread /showoff thread like evrey one else so here goes.....
this is what i came from, a 2003 hyundai sonata, RIP


~Engine/Performance Modifications:
JDM valve cover
blakc and red Shocker Battery Tie down
Mugen oil cap
custom turbo kit in the works

~Wheel/Suspension Upgrades:
Custom ASM Acura TL type s Rims 17'/ yokohama s drives 215/45/17
Stock EX Rims- Bridgestone turenza's
skunk2 pro-s coilovers
skunk2 rear camber arms
ingalls front camber bolts

~Exterior Modifications:
35% Tints all round
Rear carbon fiber roof spoiler
weather tech vent visors
Custom Retrofit -05 Acura tsx projectors/bmw e46 type r shrouds/6k morimoto bulbs
nokya yellow drl/ highbeams
Benen Rear Tow Hook special edition chrome
Varad l.e.d neon 16 million color underglow
taillight red-outs
asm eyelids

~Interior Modifications
Blue Dome Lights
Bride shift boot
Strutking dead pedal
Si Pedals
under dash insulator
Mugen Seat Belt pads
Transformers Autobots steering wheel emblem (grafix)
Domo/Beaker takeing up the back seat

Stock 350 watt 6 speaker 1 sub system

~Future Modification Plans
Gready Ti-c exhaust 70mm
BBS rims

Moar Pics/Mods Very Soon

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you have pro s ?
how much lower can you go?
Yeah, I started with a 4 finger gap between wheel and fender now it's not even 1 finger, so I'd say I'm sitting 2 inches below stock but I'm only half way down on the perches so

stay tuned I'll prib dump it one day

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whats underdash insulation? :confused:
Its a piece of plastic that clips under the dash and isinsulated
chh has it for like 10 bux
helps insulate cause I felt a draft and I planned on putting neon under my dash and there's nada there to drill into
remind me next meet I'll show you

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mine go on whenever i turn my headlights on.. works perfectly for me.. one day i disconnected them, and holy moly what a difference, its so dark down there.. kinda scary :hiding:
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