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Overlays turn milky and the bubble!

"JDM yellow ebay" Foglights use a film that is as thin as a human hair if not thinker. they burn flake breake and crack.

My solution was to find the BEST possible product, the one that i found is whats called a gel, its not actually a liquid, its still a sheet, but its not strechable so this will involve SMASHING out the crappy glass that will break anyway... i will incluse some links at the end of the post.

Step one tools needed!, you need work gloves of some kind, rawhide leather suade or heavy cloth even thick cotton. you will also need saftey glasses. you need a Phillips and a flat head screwdriver. and a knife or a pick is handy too!, a must is sillicone Regular clear or black works well, you can also use rtv sealent if you can find it.

this is a example of a 09 off of the coupe, the sedan is the same just a different housing. Simple to remove, all you have to do is remove two screws.

NOW to take it apart remove these three scres on the main bracket and one on the adjuster.

then the two screws on the sides that hinge the light up and down, and another view of the one on the adjuster, by taking this one off you dont need to re-aim them.

this is how it should look.

Now put on your gloves and get a firm hold of the foglight and smash out the crappy glass, For many of us the road has done this strep for us already! rocks are like heat seeking missile for these things.

oops!, be very careful not to get any in your eyes! WARE SAFTEY GLASSES!

and now pickout all the shards by hand. in the 09 the sealent will more or less come out with the glass since they use the rtv sealent, this stuff is a bit more flaky then the regular sillicone

With all the glass removed you can inspect for little shards and any sealant that is protuding. knock it down with a utility knife or a pick.

Now use a glass cleaner, i like foaming glass cleaner, if you had a huge gaping hole in your fogs then what you need to do is pray the inside really well and use a glass microfiber like this green one. Windex plain vinegar and hot water or even just warm distilled water works really well.

If you bought this stuff your package will look like this, Two Lexan/polycarbonate blanks and two yellow films, these films fuse to their strength and resistance to extreme heat MUST go on the inside between the lens and the reflector, held in place by the Lexan lens. "lexan" Is just a brand name 0f polycarbonate, i use a spaciffic application of makrolon another brand name of polycarbonate.

the Yellow film will sit like this, just straddling the lip.

then apply the sillicone to the housing in the gully, remove one side ONLY of protective film from the lens,

now apply the yellow film, Right in the middle.

then the lens with the last protective film facing up.

then what you need to do is FIRMLY wrap the lens and fog light housing in electrical tape, you cal also clamp it on the edges with a plastic or vinyl coated clamp

After a day or so you can remove the film

apply a crap-load more Silicone to the outside to gold everything in, this will not show and will only help seal it better and hold the lens better.


A rock will necer again go though your foglights ever again, this yellow will never fade and is more or less heat proof!, its used in MOVIE lights and loghts in theater production in 10 000watt fixtures. its a light filter.

you can make your own lenses or buy them premade, not all lexan is make equal. I ALWAYS advicate makeing anything and everything, but not everyone had the acces to tools and materials.

the Lighting gel you can get online like from

Roscolene Gel Sheets

or find a dealer DIRECTLY from the source
Lee Filters USA | Lighting Filter Dealers

OR buy it premade, Garanteed to fit and ready to go, you will need to make or buy the lenses though. you can get both here.

portabuddy | eBay
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