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Tutorial video on how to wet sand paint to achieve a high gloss, removes any imperfections in the paint surface and achieve a mirror shine. This process can be used on a signal stage paint or on a multiple stage paint that does have a clear coat finish. Be very cautious around any edges were the paint can be sanded through easily and also be aware of what the thickness of the paint or clear coat to ensure that the final finish is no sanded through either.

-start by washing the area you will be wet sanding to ensure there isn't any dirt on the surface which could scratch the paint
-you will need 3 different grit levels of sandpaper which include 1000 grit, 1500 grit, and 2000 grit
-letting the paper pre-soak in a bucket of water with some soap mixed in to allow further lubrication
-starting with the 1000 grit, ensuring that the area is wet before sanding
-once you have removed most of the imperfections of the paint, you can now move onto the 1500 grit sandpaper to remove any slight imperfections
-after you've achieved a smooth surface, finish up with the 2000 grit sandpaper, always ensure the area is well lubricated with water and wash away any access material from sanding
-rinsing the area thoroughly, you can now move onto a polishing compound
-apply the polishing compound to a soft clothe and rub into the sanded area, apply any water if the compound does dry out which allows it to be more workable again
-after a majority of the fine scratches have been removed, you are now ready to move onto a scratch removing product
-similar to the polishing compound, you can add a light spray of water to the scratch remove if it drys out while rubbing it into the painted surface
-once you achieved an almost perfect shine, you now need to clean off any access polishing compound or scratching removing product before moving onto the wax stage
-ensure that there is no water left on the surface, you can now apply the wax
-rub wax into the surface thoroughly and then let it sit on the surface for a minute before you wipe down the surface
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