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Please read this entire document before you take on this project. If you don't know wiring, find someone who does. You WILL mess up your car and your warranty if you don't know what you're doing. In writing this DIY, I'm assuming you have worked on at least one previous car, know at least the basics of electricity, and can use a voltmeter and soldering iron.

This install takes roughly 3-5 hours based on your experience and knowledge of wiring and general automotive work. Not only is this knowledge essential, so are the right tools. Things you'll need for this project are as follows. (Note: Photos are expandable.)

• Hybrid Turn Signal Mirror Assemblies (You'll want parts 003 and 009. Then, pick a color.)
• Small flathead screwdriver
• Regular-sized Phillips head screwdriver (or a drill with the proper bit)
• Extra long screwdriver
• Voltmeter
• Soldering iron and solder
• Electrical tape
• Socket wrench with an extension
• 10mm socket
• Shop light or flashlight
• Wire strippers/Crimpers
• Roughly 15-20 feet of 12 or 16 gauge wire (normal speaker wire works fine)
• Numerous wire ties
• Ring terminal
• Self-tapping screw
• Panel removing tool (pictured below)

*Turn off your dome light(s) as this install will require your door to be open for some time.

Step 1: Remove the small cover behind the interior door handle with the small flathead screwdriver. There is a Phillips head screw and a plastic screw behind the cover that need to be removed.

Step 2: Use the panel remover to pry the instrument panel up. Lift from the back as shown. Then pull toward the back of the car to release the last tab.

Here's a decent shot of the instrument panel and the small cover behind the door handle removed.

Step 3: Unplug the connections and place the panel to the side.

Step 4: Remove this screw that was behind the instrument panel.

Step 5: Gently (or aggressively…depending on your doors) pry the door panels off. Use the panel remover to get started.

Note the location of the tabs. They are orange in this picture.

And they are white in this shot.

Watch out for the goop. It is super sticky, super messy, and a super pain in my ass.

Step 6: (On both doors) remove the little plastic covers that give you access to the mirror assembly.

This is another shot of the holes. The circled harness is to the mirrors.

Step 7: (On both doors) pull back the plastic to gain access to the mirror assembly. Promptly cover the goop so you don't get it all over yourself. A piece of paper works wonders.

Step 8: (On both doors) use the 10mm socket to remove the nuts hidden behind the three holes pictured above. (I didn't get shots of this because I was holding the mirrors instead of the camera.)

Step 9: (On both mirrors) there is a small tab holding the mirrors in place. Gently push it (from inside the door) to release the mirrors. The tab is shown below.

Here's a picture of the stock sedan mirror wires.

Here's a picture of the stock hybrid signal mirrors.

Note that except for the pink and purple (signal) wires, that the colors all match. This helps.

Step 10: (For both sides) cut the stock and new wires from their harness. Be sure to leave plenty of room for splicing and such.

Expose the ends of the wire.

Solder the corresponding wires. Then cover them with electrical tape.

Do the same for the purple and pink wires. Notice that the pink wire is the positive (power) wire and purple is the negative (ground) wire. This comes in handy when you're trying to get your turn signals to work.

Step 11: Remove kick panels and dashboard under covers from both sides. For extra assistance with this, go to http://collegehillshonda.com/instructions/8th_gen_civ_sedan/civic4drmusiclink.pdf. Note step 3 and step 5 in the online instructions.

Step 12: (On both doors) reattach your mirror harnesses.

Step 13: (On both doors) pull back the rubber piece from the door and the car. The pictures are crappy and so is this process. Good luck. Be sure when you're running your turn signal wires from the door to the interior of the car not to block the window. I'll remind you again later.

This is the same on both doors. The part going into the car is plugged into a wiring harness. Just below that is a small hole (highlighted by the arrow). This is where your wires will go into the car. We used a long screwdriver and just ran it straight down through the rubber piece. Again…a pain in my ass.

Step 13: (On both sides) attach the turn signal wires to the end of the screwdriver with electrical tape…

…and pull.

Step 14: (On both sides) run the signal wires into the interior of the car after disconnecting them from the screwdriver.

Step 15: (From both sides) run the signal wires to the area of the fuse box on the driver's side. Be sure to hide the wires (secure them with wire ties).

Step 16: Connect the driver's side instrument panel and check your windows again. Make sure they roll ALL the way down and ALL the way back up. If not, check for wires that may be in the way. Splice as needed and try again. Once you are satisfied, disconnect the instrument panel.

Step 17: Put your door panels back. Refer to steps 1-5 for pictures.

Step 18: Get a drink of water. Take a bathroom break. Eat a snack. Stretch. Get ready for the rest of this…

Step 19: Get comfortable, because you're going to be here a while.

Due to the cramped space and poor lighting, I don't have photos available for the wiring process. I realize this is the hardest part, but I just couldn't get them. This is one reason I mentioned that you should read all the instructions before you started on this venture. I'll guide you as best I can.

Step 20: Beneath your driver's side dash, you'll find the fuse box. If you don't know what that is, we have problems. We'll call the front of the fuse box the part where all the fuses are. We'll call the back the part where all the wires are sticking out.

Step 21: In the back, up top, you'll find a small green plug. In this harness you'll find a blue wire and a green wire. These are your turn signal wires. Left is blue. Right is green. But, in the immortal words of LeVar Burton, "Don't take my word for it." Use the voltmeter to test the wires.

sickyute said:
on the 07 Si sedan ... there's a 42 pin green plug ...
the turn signal wires are:
blue with grey on it = left
brown with grey on it = right

found them using a tester ... and they are easy to get to
8thjen said:
the best way to find the green plug is to remove the panel the is holding the coin holder once u remove that there should be a total of 3 pretty good size plugs blue on the bottom the grey and finally the green one the wire that u need for the signal lights are right next to each other

Step 22: After you have determined which wire matches which signal, splice the factory wires with the corresponding positive (red) wires.

Step 23: Splice the two ground wires (black) together and attach the ring terminal with the crimpers. Use the self tapping screw to secure this ground to a metal surface near the fuse box.

Step 24: Test your signals. If successful, replace the dash under covers. Refer to step 11 for pictures.

Step 25: Clean up your work area and the interior, then take the Civic out for a spin.

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Looks awesome.

CameronJr9 said:
Ha. What? :confused:
I think what 'Type X' meant was that the mirrors dont come in Fiji Blue. We Fiji Blue owners dont have the luxury of "plug and play." But the install looks hot man...wish i could do the same.

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great install! Do you think it would be a similar installation to do those LED indicators that stick on the mirror for a new Civic Coupe?

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basmoq said:
hey, I was wondering if you know where to get ahold of the canadian mirrors, the one's with heat?
Canada... Honestly, unless you're an electrician, it's not worth it to get the heated mirrors. After shipping and duties, they are nearly $200 more than the American signal mirrors, plus the wiring is completely different. I had a dealership that was willing to ship to the states, but I deleted that e-mail already. Try Island Honda or Windsor Honda. Those are two names I remember. Google them.

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can you get these with the heated mirrors? I saw that they offer them in Canada, and being in Cleveland, I'd love to have them too. They should have made a US Cold Weather Package.
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