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Here is another great product brought to you by our site sponsor RoBear Racing and made by FaVES. This comes very well packed from RoBear Racing, but this kit is only for a Sedan - it will not work on a coupe!

The kit comes with install instructions and all of the hardware to do the install, a tool to install the bottom rivet inserts mount points, a small amount of grease in a container to put in the ends of the dampers to keep them from rusting and working well. The whole job took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Lets get on to the DIY part of this. Here are all the tools I used to make this happen.

1. Small and Medium flat head screw driver
2. Medium phillips screw driver
3. A plastic clip popper..........you only need this, if you have the plastic covers over the trunk hinges
4. 14mm wrench
5. 10mm wrench
6. 1/4 ratchet and deep 10mm socket
7. Drill and a 23/64 size drill bit
8. Bottom insert rivet tool........which is provided with the kit

I started on the bottom left side first, start with pulling out the plastic clip with the flat head screw driver to be able to get to the whole were the rivet will be installed and it will not be reused

All you do is pull the molding back and move the truck liner out of the way to get to the hole

I found out the the rivet does not fit in the hole without some drilling and this is were the 23/64 size drill bit comes into play. You do not want to over drill the hole because if it is to big the rivet will not be able to get tight in the hole and then it will not hold the damper in place. I found that the 23/64 bit worked the best for me. You might find a different size that works better for you !

This is the rivet tool that comes with the kit it is very easy to use, all you do is put the rivet on the end of the tool and put it into the hole. Then you use the 14mm wrench to hold it in place and either the 10mm wrench or the 10mm socket to turn the bolt and it pulls up on the rivet to spread it bigger to make it stay in the hole. Make sure you turn it until it does not turn any more to make sure the rivet is in there nice and tight.

Quick pic of the right side using the socket to tighten it.

Here is what it looks like installed.

Put back the molding and the liner back and then screw in the ball part the the damper will mount to and I just used the 10mm wrench.

That's it for the bottom mounting point for the damper and just repeat the steps above for the right side.

Here are a few pics of the upper mount with all the hardware.

Here is what it looks like all put together be for you mount it on the trunk hinge

Also, it is easier to just unscrew the ends and slide the foam part off the dampers

You just slide the bracket over the hinge like this

The bolt and nut go in the top hole and just leave it loose for now

The ball and the washer and nut goes in the bottom hole and leave that loose for now too

Next, I put some grease in the holes and pulled out the little locking metal pieces on the damper because the damper will not slide onto the balls with them in

Now I took the damper and got it all lined up and put it on the top and bottom mounting points and this is why you wanted to leave the top mount nuts and bolts loose so you can get it all lined up be for you tighten everything down. You want to leave the trunk all the way open when you do this and after its all on tighten everything down. If you need to adjust the dampers to get them to fit all you do is adjust the top or the bottom parts of the damper to make it longer.

Here is what it looks like all back together with the plastic cover back on over the hinge

Here are a couple of short vids of how it opens, it does not just fly open when you hit the open button on your key or open it from inside the car, but it does open and close really smooth with no problems at all.

I got this kit from our site sponsor RoBear Racing and it is made by FaVEs it is a great mod and it was really easy to install and at a great price too. The only thing I did not like about the kit was how you had to drill the hole bigger for the rivet to fit because if you made it to big it would not work and you would have to find another rivet that would fit to make it work. Other then that I would recommend this kit to anyone and Rob over at (RobearRacing.com) is a great person to deal with and will help you out anyway he can.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions just post them up and Rob or I will answer them the best we can :)
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