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I know that this may have been covered before, but I just wanted to post a DIY for those who want to add USB to the factory AUX jack location if you have an aftermarket headunit with a rear USB jack.

The Metra Axxess AX-USB-35EXT fits in the factory location, but is a little loose and can jiggle a little bit.

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I picked up some 3M adhesive pads from Amazon that are semi-permanent & pliable and cut them up into tiny strips and tucked them behind the edge of the jack housing. The pictures on Amazon show the pads are being black, but they are actually grey.

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The end result was this:

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Because the material turned out to be grey, it's not the cleanest appearing installation, but it is functional. Since the pads are pliable, I should be able to clean it up a little more.
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