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NOTE: Anyone who wants the intake made, please bring your stock top and bottom intake box. Just the 2 boxes in the engine compartment, don't need the other pieces below, where the bumper is at. Also, bring the filter, the SI tube, and the aluminum bar (for the bracket on the intake.

Don't see yourself on the list, please add yourself.

My Contact Info. :AOL Instant Messenger : raregemcards

Date : January 26th, 2008

Time : 10:00 a.m. until ?

Place : East Bay Auto Spa

Address : 1363 Pine st Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Google Maps Link

Plan : DIY, Raffle (prizes TBA), cruise

DIYs: Ant's intake DIY, headlight clearing, DRL wire jump (to have DRLs on when low beams are on), radar hardwire, others?

Road to cruise on : to be determined

People who will be attending (depending on dates) :

see most current list here.

1. Dwn4nythng - (Anthony, 1 Radio)
3. Dayten
4. arrivalanche
5. Sk33ny
6. choklit
7. SIchodelic
8. younglexx
9. olieebur
10. cornizzy
11. SiRyan
12. Harry
13. DarkF1ame
14. to177SI
15. Pennywise - (Maybe)
16. 07NHBCivicSI - (Maybe)
17. icrashed
18. armyguy919
19. mad monkey
20. 8thgenuser
21. Aki
23. maximo61170
24. DarkF1ame (+1)
25. vey_z
26. yabitom
27. vgot10
28. Paradox Lost
29. xxxcameltoe = Chris Tp
30. thatwhiteguy
31. si_fullblown

Past and present meet spots :

First meet : Foster City, Malibu Grand Prix
Second Meet : Union City, Krispy Creme
Third Meet : San Francisco, Ocean Beach
Fourth Meet : Milpitas, Dave & Buster's
Fifth Meet : Sacramento, Discovery Park BBQ
Sixth Meet : San Leandro, San Leandro Marina BBQ
Seventh Meet : Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Eighth Meet : Burlingame, Coyote Point BBQ
Ninth Meet : Vacaville, Lagoon Valley Regional Park BBQ
Tenth Meet : San Jose, Yummy Buffet
Eleventh Meet : San Luis Obispo, Cuesta Canyon Park
Twelveth Meet : Monterey, Monterey Bay

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Anybody have experience with programming the PAC Audio steering wheel controls? :D

I need someone to help me find air leaks on my intake causing it to idle funny

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quick update guys, 19th is a bust. i thought he was gone the weekend before but its the weekend of the 19th that hes gone. Its going to have to be Sat the 26th. Ive talked to him about it and everything is a go. Dwn- please update your post.

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i just dont want anyone showing up a week early. i think we are also trying to get some of our shop cars to show up to. I think its a s2000 and maybe a lotus

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can we make it sometime during the day/morning? I have to go somewhere at 4PM :(
our meets start early noonish and end at 4 if not earlier... then we usually head out for the cruise

unless you wanna meet up for a caravan then its gonna be a bit earlier for obvious reasons

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i'm definitely going to be there unless something serious comes up in my schedule, so put me on the list. also, i'm driving up from central cali, so please don't make me leave at 5am to get there :eek:hnoes: go go 12 noon :biggrin:
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