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The whole process is fairly straight forward with only one caveat.

Shopping List:
1) Get the Right Hand Side seat release mechanism (82221-SNA-023) - no need to get the left because the exising LX works just fine.
2) You will need some hardware to secure the new latch, a bolt and nut something like a M8x1.25 should do fine
3) Obviously you need to get a donor- rear 40/60 split seat with a cupholder/armrest or without is your choice.

Everything about the conversion is pretty straight forward EXCEPT, there is no way to purchase the center pivot required for the split seats. If you look at the honda diagram they list 82295-SNA-A21 as the center pivot however, that is not what we need. What I ended up doing is going to a junkyard and tearing off the center pivot (its spot welded to the frame) and fabricating my own by using the "original" as a template, and reusing the donor collar (which is a plastic cover that goes on the tip that acts like a spacer/bearing thing, not a huge deal if you didnt have this i suppose)

This is what I had to work with (the original part). I tried using my welder but it was too hot for it. So I had to go the route of fabricating my own part.

Here is what my new part looked like. Note I chose to attach with rivets (instead of the center hole I had made for big bolts) because the big bolts I was planning on using were scraping too much against the seats. Also notice there is a little plastic collar installed on the tip. That came from the donor car and is sort of like a spacer/bearing thing.

Just to compare against the original, roughly same shape and angle.

Didnt want to cut the entire shield so just cut a few lines through it and bent around.

What it looked like after it was covered.

Both seats latched

Right seat down. Notice where the hole and latch are for reference.

That completes the LX -> EX Rear Seat Conversion.

Why are these pictures upside down? :facepalm: lol

Rough Cost to complete:
1/2 Rear Seats - 16$
Latch - 10$
Raw Steel - 10$
Rivets - 5$

Remove interior - 10 min
Fabricate Center Pivot - 2-3 hours
Install Latch, Pivot & Fit Interior - 1.5 hour

Sockets and Wrenches needed:
10 mm
12 mm
Long Extension

For a detailed rear seat removal, refer to the Interior Tear-down guide that is available on the forum.

My next project is going to be to convert the interior to Leather.


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