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Hey folks,

Figured I'd share what I did with my dipstick to make it look like the expensive JDM ones. This is really easy and cheap! It will also never peel and chip over time like spray paint.

What you'll need: Rit 'Dye More' liquid dye in Graphite color, coat hanger wire, tape, acetone, stove, and pot of water.

Step 1. First, I thoroughly scrubbed the plastic piece with acetone and a paper towel. This not only cleans off the oil and gunk, but the acetone also opens up the pores of the plastic, allowing the plastic to absorb the dye better.

Step 2. Tape off any areas you don't want dyed. I don't think dyeing the part that fits in the hole of the engine will affect anything, but I taped it off just in case.

Step 3. With your wire and tape, suspend the dipstick upside down in a pot of water over the stove and boil. The boiling water will also help open up the pores of the plastic.

Step 4. Once the water starts to boil, pour about half a bottle of dye into the water and stir.

Step 5. Let boil on medium heat for about 20 mins.

Step 6. Remove from water, inspect and wipe clean. If the plastic is not fully colored, leave in for additional time.

See my end results below:

IMG_2236 small.jpg

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Wow that's pretty cool! It's interesting how such a small change could make such a big impact to the overall look of the engine bay.
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