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i have often had this requested, but just never had the extra time of a nice camera to document this install.

Mikey6p had noisy transmission bearings and was interested im doing the FD2 final drive, so i asked him if he can help document this.

disclaimer i am not responsible for any damage you can and may do if you do attempt to do this yourself. this is a guide to help walk you through the install, proceed at your own risk.

i am not going to go through on how to remove the trans from the car because if you have not figured that out then you should probably not attempt to open your transmission.

trans on ground

i would suggest you clean up the transmission to prevent any dirt and grime getting on anything else when reassembling. find a suitable work space and use 2 peices of wood to set the trans on so that the mainshaft spline does not touch the surface.

start by removing the 32mm sealing cap

spread the snap ring to allow the countershaft bearing to slide down

remove the 3 detent bolts. be careful they have springs and bearings inside

remove the interlock bolt

remove speed sensor

remove reverse gear bolt

remove 4 10mm bolts holding gear shift selector

carefully pry shift selector off

re tq this bolt to 23 ft lbs it seems to come loose on powershifted cars

remove all case bolts. note they are only 2 longer bolts

pry against case to break the RTV bond from the clutch case. use caution

trans opened, replace this oil baffle. never reuse your old one.

pull the magnet and clean it

remove 3 dowels, note some may be a PITA and get damaged, just replace with new ones.

sometimes your bearing my stay in the case and not on the mainshaft, use a slide hammer to pull it out.

remove shim clip and oil guide plate. clean thoroughly

remove 2 10mm bolts holding reverse shift fork

remove reverse idler gear and shaft

holding both countershaft and mainshaft with 3 shifter forks pull up on the assembly and set down on bench.

pull evenly up on the ring gear/LSD assembly

only if replacing bearings, use a slide hammer to remove mainshaft bearing

on 09 up Si's you can use your old bearing. for 07 below you should use updated countershaft bearing. remove 10mm bolts and use slide hammer to pull out counter shaft bearing.

recommended to replace this mainshaft seal

clean entire case and clean all rtv bond off the surfaces of both clutch case and upper case

parts check lol

clean all parts with lint free towels

do not lose shim and spring washer

remove all 10 ring gear bolts. i recommend you replace all these with new ones. most cases the treads will look smashed when you pull them out.

tighten down all 10 ring gear bolts to 89 ft lbs in criss cross pattern

remove countershaft bolt clockwise! its a reverse thread.

use press to press out 6th gear and bearing

5th and 4th next

press out rest of gears

old shaft and new shaft

lubricate new shaft

clean all gears and lube again prior to reassembly

press 3rd gear in while holding 2nd and 1st assembly up against the countershaft gear

continue to press in rest of gears

flip the counter shaft over and press bearing in with shim seated in 6th gear groove. this is important.

use 2 blocks of wood or a thick stack of papers on a vise to hold countershaft for bolt tq ing

tighten bolt to 87 ft lbs counter clockwise

re install oil guide and smack in PPS countershaft bearing, note: apply oil to bearing and clutch case prior to smacking in

install new oil seal and smack in new mainshaft bearing.

install clean magnet and ring gear/lsd assembly

tighten down bearing set plate with 2 10mm bolts to 8.7 ft lbs

make sure to install manshaft shim and spring washer in correct order and set on mainshaft bearing.

holding both countershaft, mainshaft and forks install on clutch case

install reverse gear and shaft

make sure the arrow on the case is in line with the tread on the shaft

tighten reverse fork bolts to 11 ft lbs

install new guide and apply honda bond on the surface of case. Note, do not forget in install new dowels in clutch case

now carefully install upper case to clutch case. this may be difficult

while setting it down spread open snap ring to gear counter shaft bearing

tighten new case bolts to 20 ft lbs

flip complete trans over and tap against block of wood, you will hear a click meaning the snap ring is in the bearing groove

install reverse shaft bolt with washer and tighten to 33 ft lbs

apply honda bond to sealing cap and tighten to 25 ft lbs

install fork bearings with spring and bolts and tighten to 16 ft lbs

clean and install the Gear selector with honda bond and tighten bolts to 8.7 ft lbs

install speed sensor and tighten to 8.7 ft lbs

apply honda bond to thread and install interlock bolt and tighten to 29 ft lbs

now apply grease to throw out bearing shaft, pivot ball and fork

i may have missed some things and if i have i apologize any feed back i will try to add in later. hopefully this helps people who are interested in trying to install the FD them selves.

thanks again to mikey6p for snapping the pics.

cheers :)

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Thank you for the attention to detail. I will definitely refer to this when it comes time to replace the bearings.

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A lot of great info K20. I am sure quite a bit of members will use it as a reference guide. Clean and neat work as always. :clapping:

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thanks guys, and as always if anyone has any other questions that were not covered here or not understood in the write up you can PM or visitor message me or just ask here.

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That's not bad at all... Without the FD conversion, it's still pretty reasonable to swap all the bearings and seals...
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