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This will be my first DIY, so bare with me.
This will be a DIY of mud guards that look nothing like oem.
Let us get started.

(11/22/12)-Rear needs to be modified because of rubbing issues. Only happened when i had 2 adults in the back. On USDM Mugen suspension by the way.
(11/25/12)-Front needs to be shortened because it rubs on speed bumps and turns

Materials needed:
-Drill w/ drill bit
-sharp knife
-2x black office trash cans ($5 from Home Depot)
-Jack w/ jack stand
-6x some kind of screw
-heat gun or heat source
-sand paper(maybe)
-screwdriver of some sorts

A. Front Fabrication
1. Get your Rubbermaid trash can

2. Make a template somehow

3. Use a heat source to heat the knife to a high temp (do this very often for the cleanest cut)

4. Try to cut out the biggest rectangle from the side of the trash can (very important that it is the biggest cutout you can get)

5. Trace your out your template ( i had already made one side and used that as a template. Took me 2 trash cans to get the template right.)

6. Start doing a light cut, medium cut, and finish it off with the full cut. (remember to heat the knife constantly. The more work you put into this step the better your finish will be.)

7. Sand sides if you are not satisfied with finish

8. Now put the template together with the actual and drill the holes that I did not give you the specs for because I don't know what style is yo thang.

B. Back Fabrication
1. Everything is the same as the front except for the template.

2. If your rectangle is curved than you can use a heat source to help you bend it straight.

C. Rear Installation
1. Take your screwdriver to unscrew the 3 screws on the bumper. You might have to take off the wheel if you do not have a tiny ratchet like mine.

2. Just screw the ghetto mud flap on

D. Front Installation
1. Loosen the lug nuts and jack the car up on a jack stand.

2. Drill 3 holes marked by red

3. Screw the flap on

4. Put your wheel on and lower the jack and repeat for other side.



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The oem mud guards actually leave that dirt outline (kind like what the spoiler would have if you removed it). I had a car with oem guards and they looked disgusting when i removed them and there is just the pure satisfaction of making something yourself.

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UPDATE: (12/11/12) After driving a minimum of 300 miles per week on the highway, the plastic is holding up very well. The rear has no bends whatsoever and the front has a slight bend due to being too long.
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