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1. it starts out with this

2. get something to pry off the rubberyish stuff and pull it out from the silver trim like so

3. then the other side

4. pull it back til you find the clips that hold the trim on, pop it out and the whole silver piece comes off

5. now to take the button off so you can paint it or w/e you want to do. press in the clip like so, and it slides out

6. then you can take the silver trim off of that by lifting the clip as shown below

and to put it back on:

7. make sure the rubberyish stuff is all the way up where its supposed to be

8. then set the end of the silver piece in the notch

9. now get something with a soft front thats hard enough to hit it with, i used the handle on my Klein screwdrive with the rubber handle grip so it wont dent or scratch. and hit the clips in. i tried to just use my hands but i coulndnt get the clips in. because its tight so it wont move around.

10.now take the button and slide it in from the top, it might be hard to get it, but wiggle it and it will go in. dont force it though, it is just plastic

and bam..back to normal

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Hey I was wondering what the point of this DIY is? Sorry I can't see what difference you made? By the way I'm curious and not trying to sound rude.
The point of the DIY is to show you how to take apart your handbrake handle in case you want to repaint it, or come up with your own mod. Consider it good background information for when you want to do your own handbrake project.
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