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To begin with im new here first DIY so bare with me ive done other mods, ram air intake, full exhaust, rear low tie bar, and gauges, but nothing is as frustrating as this was to install nicely which i did not do but still function over form. Even though let me begin:

Necessary tools

-11/16 wrench
-11/16 socket wrench
-flat head screw driver
-Phillips head screw driver
-5/16 drill bit (no drill)
-C-pillar brace
-included parts -4 bolts
-4 washers
-4 nuts
-4 lock washers

ok at this point step one is to clear everything out of your trunk including the fancy weather mat too and put your seat all the way up if you have a coupe like me.

after that look to the left you will see 3 screw interior plastic things these can be removed and will make it easier to install.

you remove these by using a penny or such coin and unscrewing them after the screw is all removed pull out the outer plug of them. Do this to the other side as well

at this point you can start manipulating the carpet start with this piece above the seat pull down lever repeat on the other side.

you then run into this little guy, i bent my house key trying to get him up he is very tight on there. This is when the hammer comes into play pry up a section with a screwdriver then pull it out with the hammer as if it was a nail.

now that you got that off manipulate the carpeting till you can see 2 holes below the one the devil tab was in, those are where you will be mounting your brackets.

ok now this is when you have to get creative on how you mount this with the carpet ill show you some ways and failure points. I had plenty of those.

One failure way is punch holes through the carpet for mounting with the screw driver. this does not work for the farthest bolt cause it is not long enough.

The only way it would work is if you have a longer bolt if so then take this advice I didn't so i gave up and went to a new method

then drill the hole larger so the bolt can fit through

BE CAREFUL again failuer point drill bits are sharp lol I sliced a gash in my finger.

New method Corsport has instructions and a print out template online I am almost 100% sure i used it wrong o well

this is how it should mount minus the fact the carpet is everywhere

If your gonna do this in hot weather please just leave the car on with AC, I did this in 94 degree weather this morning so just a reminder. And listen to music before you rip your hair out on this install.

Another alternative is sloppiness i just tried to lay out the template and cut the carpet, did a cruddy job but TAKE your time i didn't.

after that mount it up it goes: Bolt=>Washer=>car=>C Brace=>Lock Washer=>Nut Tighten these TIGHT



Ok Climb inside now and fix the carpeting and insert the devil tab. Just line up the holes and push should lock it all back in place

Now admire your work from the inside

Now re install all the screw tabs from the trunk both sides, its easier if you line up the holes and put the outer tab in first then the screw section and screw them in

Now your done enjoy i haven't drove with it yet but ill get back to you after a quick cruise since all my body brace parts are in the rear.

Here is a Bonus for people with interior led tubes.

your going to need.....

-the led tubes
-the holders of the tubes
-double sided tape

first apply the double sided tape to the holders and attach them to the tubes

Now attach them to the bar from the top it will some what hide the tubes from the inside cabin but allow the light to reflect off the bar lighting up the trunk and light up the corsport name but one down side, corsport is written back words :facepalm: o well still looks awesome

Thanks to Corsport for the Great product and inexpensive as well only $99.00

enjoy the new tougher rear pillars and the cool bar too, o and btw the powder coat is superb.

Pros- Looks awsome and stiffens rear pillars

cons- Idk, maybe a better way to mount it o well.

Thanks enjoy

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ok well just did a test drive weirdest feeling with that and the rear low tie bar the rear end feels locked up and does not roll one bit as for the front yea thats all over the place, worthy investment

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I have the cusco type os version of this. Bling factor is higher, as well as the price >_> .. but personally I like the cusco version :p
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