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In this DIY I will in detail out line what parts and steps will be needed to change all the lights in your cars switches, heater controls and any other part that is backlit in that nasty grey-ish green colour that is stock to the 8th gens to just about any colour that you want like RED for Si's or BLUE for R18's..

Lets start off with what you will need... (I will include pictures of what some of the parts look like to help you out)

  • Phillips head screw driver (I like to have a few sizes and lenghs handy as there are meny tight places that need a short one or hard to reach places that need a long one)
  • Flat head screw driver
  • 8mm socket and rachet driver (might also need a short extension)
  • Dremel rotary tool with cut off attachment
  • Torx30 socket or screwdriver (to remove airbag)
  • Soldering Iron with solder and flux
  • 3mm LED's
  • 3528 SMD LED's
  • 470ohm or 550ohm resistors (if your leds come with resisters it's not recomended that you use that as they are for 12V and you have 13.8V when your car is running so that will over power the leds)
you can either take the whole car apart all at once and take the parts to your work space all at once (if you plan to finish in one day) or take apart the car one thing at a time as you need it thats up to you and how much time or space you have to work with at a time.

This take me to do in about 8 hours to take the car all apart/mod/reinstall so for a first timer that has not taking apart the car before or someone thats not great at soldering this might take a lot longer.

Ok now that have have got all your parts and tools ready lets take apart your car, lets start at the doors. (as far as i know this should be about the same for Si, R18, coupe and sedan but might very slightly from coupe to sedan but I'm sure you can figure it out or ask me)

there are two screw that hold the panel to the door (there is a whole wack of clips too but more on that later)

these screw are just a #2 Phillips head screw

next pull on the door handle and look inside the reeses to find a little cover, remove this cover to reveal a "rivet clip", to remove this clip just pop the center of it inword (not too far, it should click and stop) then the whole thing can be pulled out

Now pop off the trim cover, this pops out with just a quick hard pull or use of a flat head screw driver. Under this cover there are a few screws that need to be removed

there also this somewhat hidden screw

once all the screws are removed remove the whole panel by inserting a flat head screwdriver at the bottom of the panel close to the hing and pop it towards yourself with a quick HARD yank, once you can get your hand in under the panel just give quick hard pulls along the the the outer lower edge of the panel, you will also need to remove the mirror bolt cover then lift slightly up to release the window sill.

Remove the harness and remaining screw to remove switch block

You will now be holding the switch block inhand
it will look like this on the coupe...

Now on to the fun part, cracking into it... it's rather easy just remove a few screws and lift up on some tabs to take it apart

here is a breakdown of the parts

Remove the stock LED's (keep them as they are bright white LED's that Honda under powers to give off a greyish glow)
To De-solder items from a circuit board use a solder wick or solder sucker or just heat each lead/prong at a time rocking the part side to side till it pops out....

Once you replaced the LED's you also have to replace the resisters, if you are using 3mm LED's then please replace the stock resisters with 470ohm ones if you want it bright or 670ohm or 1000ohm if you want it a little dimmer
*in this image and at the time of first doing this DIY i used 5mm LEDs as thats all that I had on hand at the time and I also used a 330ohm resister as that is all that I had and I tell ya IT'S BRIGHT, I would redo it but meh i like it.

Please note that the (-) negative side of both LEDs is on the left side of the LED when looking at the switch this way...

and like this on the sedan...
(insert image here)

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