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So here it is, the thread we've all been waiting for. Automatic climate control that works!

Credit is due! So before I go any further, two individuals deserve recognition. I merely took the research they did and applied it.

deltatechx has the first thread with real information that I came across. He did a lot of grunt work with figuring out how the Hybrid control module works and even bypassing some of the Hybrid only functions. This link will take you to his thread: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/i-c-e-electrical-security-navigation/103900-adding-auto-c-controls-my-lx-diy-coming-soon.html

estyle made a huge discovery. deltatechx had trouble with the A/C engaging. The problem is that the Hybrid evaporator sensor operates at a different resistance than some of the other models. The sensor wouldn't sent a good signal to the module, which in turn threw off correct operation. estyle's research can be found on page 10 of the merged climate control thread: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/inside-out/10819-automatic-climate-control-threads-merged-10.html

So what's the point of this DIY? It's the collection and organization of research by many. I hope that everyone benefits from this thread by finding the things they need, without having to dig through page after page of guesswork before finding the answers.

I won't cover connectors, depinning, or soldering in this thread. If you're attempting this conversion, you should have at least some experience with this.

My automatic climate control (ACC for short) conversion was done on my 2010 Civic Si sedan. Here's a list of the supplies used:

  • 2007 CSX Type S Control Module with wiring pigtails

  • 2010 Civic Hybrid Humidity/Interior Temperature Sensor
    P/N: 80590-SNC-A02

  • 2010 Civic Hybrid Recirculating Control Motor (with arms)
    P/N (motor only): 79350-SNE-A41

  • 2010 Civic Hybrid Sunbeam Sensor P/N: 80510-SDA-A41

  • 2010 Civic Hybrid Aspirator and Hoses
    P/N (aspirator): 80534-S84-A41
    P/N (hose A): 80541-SNA-A40
    P/N (hose B): 80542-SNA-A40

  • Outside Temperature Sensor (not needed on equipped models) P/N: 80525-S30-941
From what my research shows, any sedan Civic already has the necessary Evaporator Sensor (also called a Thermistor). If you have a coupe, though, you'll need to replace it. P/N: 80560-SNA-A01

If you're using a Hybrid control module you will need a Heater Core Sensor, P/N: 80550-SNC-A41

The arms for for recirculation motor I picked up off of a bad blower motor assembly I bought on eBay. Unfortunately, that's the only way to purchase to arms. I suppose if someone is handy enough, they could make their own. I'll post detailed photos and measurements of them at a later time.

I did some research and here's some compatibility for parts if users want to search for used items. Keep in mind, the parts have to come from a compatible vehicle that was equiped with ACC from the factory.

Some of the sensors were used on other Honda vehicles. If you're buying used parts, you can look for them from these models:
  • Outside Temperature Sensor: 03-12 Accord, 05-07 Accord Hybrid, 06-12 Civic, 03-12 Civic Hybrid, 06-12 Civic NGV, 05-12 CR-V, 11-12 CR-Z, 11-12 Crosstour, 00-12 Insight, 11-12 Odyssey, 06-12 Ridgeline, 06-09 S2000

  • Recirculating Motor: 08-11 CR-V

  • Aspirator Hose B: 08-11 CR-V

  • Sun Beam Sensor: 03-07 Accord, 05-07 Accord Hybrid, 08-11 CR-V

  • Aspirator: 98-12 Accord, 05-07 Accord Hybrid, 08-12 CR-V, 00-12 Odyssey, 06-08 Pilot, 06-12 Ridgeline, 10-12 Crosstour
Some models of Civics come with the same Evaporator sensor as the Hybrid (my Si, for example). From what I researched so far, the coupes use a completely different sensor than the sedans. Most sedans seem to use the same sensor as the Hybrid.

So the climate control module. The Hybrid is blue, the base CSX is blue, and the CSX Type S and Civic Type R are red. I suggest purchasing a CSX module that applies to the interior color of your vehicle. The Hybrid module requires extra steps that are avoided with the CSX modules. One important detail: get the wiring pigtails and the connectors. The stock ones will NOT work in the ACC modules.

I attempted to convert the color of my blue Hybrid module to red. In the process, I cracked, shattered, and destroyed the LCD display. To properly tint the LCD, the display needs to be desoldered from the circuit board. It's possible that this can be completed, but I do not know for sure.

Let's start with adding the module in. You'll need to move the wiring pins from the OEM connector to the ACC module connector. I'll make it easy on you all. The first column is from the manual controls, the second column is for the ACC controls. Move the pins from the OEM connector to the new one.

#1 BLK --> #7 BLK
#2 BRN --> #8 BRN
#3 ORN --> #23 ORN
#4 LT GRN --> #22 LT GRN
#5 PUR --> #21 PUR
#6 BLU --> #20 BLU
#7 BLU --> #14 BLU
#8 YEL --> #13 YEL
#11 BRN --> #6 BRN/BLU
#12 RED --> #17 RED
#13 RED --> #19 RED
#14 WHT --> #10 WHT
#15 GRN --> #12 GRN
#16 ORN --> #15 ORN
#17 PUR --> #16 PUR
#18 GRY --> #27 GRY
#19 LT BLU --> #9 LT BLU
#21 BLK --> #5 BLK
#22 BRN --> #2 BRN
#23 LT GRN --> #3 LT GRN
#24 GRY --> #1 GRY

So you've switched those wires over? Good. A major portion is completed.

Now we get into the fun stuff. Since you've already got your dash taken apart, remove the tachometer cluster and set it aside. We need to tap into three wires on the tach connector and run them over to the ACC module, B-CAN and the two wires for the Outside Temperature sensor. The B-CAN is a pink wire at pin number 21. (I'm editing this while at work, so I'll add the details later).

Moving along, the Sunbeam sensor needs to be added. Again, since we've got most of the dash taken apart, remove the portion covering the speedometer cluster. A plug in the dash where the sensor will go needs to be removed, as well as the speedo cluster. Take a long flathead screwdriver, place it in the square hole on the right, behind the speedo cluster, and press up. The plug should pop out (and probably go flying). For the sensor, you'll need a plug with two wires coming off the end of it. Go ahead and hook the connector up to the sensor, and then feed the wires down the hole that the sensor goes in. Do this first, because it is impossible to hook the connector up afterwards. Run the wires out the square hole and then down to the ACC connector.

That's all for one night. I'll be adding the rest over the weekend and the beginning of next week with photos of everything. The following posts will be reserved for wiring diagrams.



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Amazing job man! My question is, and I'm sure others are wondering as well, what was the total cost of parts?

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I wish that screen is blue
There are blue screens available! My car is an Si, though, so I wanted the screen to match the rest of the interior.

Estimated cost for the project: $300 (I'll dig out my receipts and break it down on Saturday, including where to get parts)

Cost of parts depends on if you buy used or new. All of my sensors were new. The CSX Type S module was the most expensive part at an average price of $200. The Hybrid modules go for around $70 and the base CSX (blue) modules go for around $130. Just depends on which setup you go with. The Hybrid modules require more work, as I'll outline on Saturday.

Estimated time for prep work: 3 hours

Estimated time for installation: 2 hours

I'm a slow worker and I pay extremely close attention to details, so some may complete it quicker. I also went for as close to a factory install as I could.

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Very nice DIY, well done! Any issues with it, or does it work seamless just like OEM? And did you do all this work just to be different or does the ACC do a better job with the HVAC than non ACC? Either way great job!

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Thanks for all the subs and compliments! I'm glad that it actually works and 8th Civic owners can finally go for the mod!

The first time around, I used a Hybrid control module and ran into lots of little problems. When it was all said and done, I couldn't get the A/C compressor to stay on. It would kick on for a few minutes, then shut off, then back on again. Once I installed the CSX module, it had flawless operation.

More or less, I did the ACC to be different. I personally love adding OEM pieces from another Honda to my Civic to make it stand out just a little more. It does have the auto function where you essentially set the temperature you want and let it go. My Pilot had that and I never used it. I guess you could say wanting the screen for operation is the five year old in me coming out. :)

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Where did you end up finding the csx controls? Is the hybrid control too much extra work to be worth dealing with?

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The Hybrid module requires an extra sensor, extra wiring, and needs a custom relay to make the module work correctly. For the extra parts and time you have to put into the Hybrid, I'd spend the extra money and get a CSX module for sure.

I bought all three of my modules on eBay. One Hybrid, one base CSX, and one CSX Type S. All of my sensors I bought brand new, and I cut the connectors off of leftover dashboard harnesses I have laying around at work and home.
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