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yuning83 said:
I went to local paint store who has made a spray can of paint that matches my color. I'm picking it up this weekend and gonna spray the spot then spray a coat of clear coat on it.
I'm sure you're more experienced than i am, but i used a spray can paint when i tried to touch up my '92 celica and its did not turn out well at all. i taped off an area on the front fender (location of scratch) and it looked really nice, then i took the tape and paper off and there was basically a visible bump and on change in surface from where i had sprayed and where i had masked, then about two days later the scratch showed through :pat:
If i had rubbed it and worked it in the difference in paint might not have been noticeable. otherwise what i would reccomend it to pain the entire section of the car so the change will be in an actual change in piece of the car (ie. entire hood, entire fender, entire door). and of course always be aware of overspray and dripping.

Good luck guys, i am will prob always be afraid of paint.
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