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I got a big trouble and all the help and tips giving would be really appreciated
I got a civic 2006 sedan and I've install a remote starter on it. My bad I plug the wrong wire on the parking light if I'm not mistaken
Now The cluster fine but the radio and the heated trim don't dim any more
Light are working on every buttons but the dim light don't turn on when I put the night light on
Here is waht I have done
Speedo guage are ok
Radio, heater and all the acc aroung the radio doN,t dim
I've replace the dimmer, ok
Checked all the fuses, ok
Replace the radio and tried a new one, ok
Remove the main fuse box and replace with a new one, ok
Could not find the dimmer control module so I didn't replace it

Please, if someone can help me out on this one...

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its hard to understand what you looking for.
what is the dim light? where is it?

check all fuses first.
next remove any wiring you installed and check all problems.
if still there...bring it to the dealer.
if fixed, bring remote start and car to a professional to install.
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