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Well I decided to make a build-up thread, Im not severely modded, but I am getting closer n closer to my goal.

I brought her home on Feb. 15, 2008.
2008 TW si
Twm ss kit (ss adapter,base and cable bushings)
p2r Tbs and gaskets
CF IM Cover
K&N Drop-In Filter
Mugen Radiator Cap​
debadge civic
Vis oem CF hood
OEM Fogs
HFP Front Lip
GRFXP Taillight Tint
NRG CF Grill w/ Red H
Stock Wheels Charcoal​

Red H steering wheel emblem
Twm flat black m1 abram knob
Strutking Dead Pedal​


35% and 5% tint

when i brought her home

tint and debadged

Mid-April installed TWM ss kit w/ base and cable bushings along with their m1 abram knob

Mid-May installed p2r TBS and gaskets

Vis racing oem CF hood

CF IM Cover

K&N Drop-In Filter

Mugen Radiator Cap

OEM Fogs

Well I got my ass handed to me this past semester with school. So I didn't have the time to update. I actually did alot to her in the past 3-4 months. And I am happy to say that I like the direction were going. Without further delay...

HFP Front Lip & NRG CF Grill

Tail Light Tint and Charcoal Stockers

as it sits now

engine bay now
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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