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So what you are saying is when I turn my car on even with my climate controls on off position, my AC is still running? If it is, I don't notice. My car is still kinda new to me, still learning some stuff.
No, when the CC is off the ac is off. What the post is about is being able to turn the automatic AC on function OFF when you put the front "defog / demist / defrost" function on. In the stock setup the ac light indicates when you turn the defrost on (front windshield only) and you can't turn it off by pressing the ac button. With this option done properly you are able to hit the ac button and turn it off after you select defrost.

For those wondering about defrost in the winter - AC compressor won't come on when it's below freezing so it doesn't really matter, but it's still nice to do this anyways as it might be 40 or so and you still won't want it to come on.

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Hi All,

I found the steps to do this in this thread (posted by dentrecords):
Why is my A/C always on?

1. Turn car on.
2. Turn temperature knob all the way cold and turn the fan knob to off.
3. Put vent location to "face"
4. Turn car off
5. Hold down the Recirculation Button and the A/C Button.
6. Hold down both buttons and turn the key all the way to the on position.
7. Keep both buttons depressed until one of the lights blink a few times, then you get a solid green light once the change has been made. Then let go.
8. See if it works by putting the fan on in Defrost. You should see the A/C light turn on and you should be able to turn it off.

The steps worked like a charm. I can now defrost my frozen windows without waisting money (and slowing things down) with AC.

Good luck!
Great stuff ,bud.
Worked like a charm on my 2009 CivicDXG
Wished I had this years ago.
Thanks again!
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